NCSBCS has arranged and cross-linked materials on this CD to facilitate your use of the Alliance work products to determine actions you can take in your state or community to begin to streamline your building regulatory processes through the effective use of information technology.  Materials are arranged in three categories: Overview, Tools, & Additional Information.


This section provides you with: a detailed update report on the origins and current Alliance work products, a presentation on the Alliance and the relevance of its work to reducing the regulatory cost of housing, letters of support (NASCIO & NIST) for Alliance activities, and a list of Alliance members with website links to connect you to other important regulatory streamlining and interoperability work of Alliance partners.


The work products provided were developed by the Alliance, with funding support from the federal government, to address specific barriers to regulatory streamlining identified by state and local building officials, the construction industry, and the information technology community.

The tools are arranged to address the following questions:

How do I know that I need to streamline and what savings are possible?

What have other jurisdictions done to effectively apply information technology to their building regulatory processes? What hardware and software are available?

How do we go about procuring the most current information technology?

What legislative actions are being taken to streamline? What can be done to fund streamlining?


Background on current and past Alliance activities including the annual forums on Building Smarter in the Digital Age hosted by NCSBCS, the Association of Major City/County Building Officials, and the Alliance.  A summary of the third forum held in Portland, Oregon, on October 20, 2003, is provided.  A fourth forum will be held in Salt Lake City, September 30, 2004.

Other Information includes: